The Witcher LARP: Something ends, something begins - Efimeral
The fate of the Continent is in your hands! Sign up for our The Witcher larp in Barcelona (Spain). Keep reading!
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February 16-19 & February 22-25, 2024 - Sallent, Barcelona (Spain)

Something ends, something begins

The Witcher larp - Social and political event within the Geralt of Rivia universe

“Dear vassal, Empress Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon invites you to the Northern Realms Feast to elect the new ruler of the Northern Kingdoms and official representative at the Nilfgaardian Court. Get dressed in your finest attire and get ready for a night full of challenges that will allow you to prove your worth to the Empire. Remember, only the royal court members with an official invitation are allowed to attend.”

Sign-up will open – Pre-register now

Pre-registering will give you the same chances than anyone else to get a spot. It will last until August 1st, 2023 20:30h CEST.


Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon became the empress of the vast and powerful Nilfgaardian Empire five years ago after the Northern Kingdoms surrendered to the rule of Emhyr var Emreis.


Cirilla’s government has brought great social and political changes, opening new horizons for cooperation between kingdoms and races of the Continent, but also great disagreements due to some controversial legislation, reviving old political resentments that never seem to die.


After an uncertain and complex time, it seems peace has arrived. The Northern Kingdoms and their allies, now under the dominion of Nilfgaard, have been gathered at a Feast to select the first political representative who will rule the entire northern territory of the Continent at the Nilfgaardian court.

Obviously, not all of the Northern Kingdoms want to become one single government, nor do they have the same motivations to get that power position.


Although it seems to be a simple court feast, it is likely to be a night full of intrigue, mysteries, and political alliances that can change the course of the world.


The characters are pre-written by the Organisation to ensure the event experience will be equal between the participants. During the sign-up period, you will have to fill a form to choose some of your preferences regarding the kingdoms, archetypes, plot types and relationships, among others, and you will be assigned one of our pre-designed characters that fit the experience you’re looking for best. Be aware, we won’t be able to take into account all of your preferences but only the most important for you.

Kingdoms and groups present


Avant-garde, colonial and progressive.


Conservative, bellicose, and anti-magic.


Diplomatic, tolerant and cultured.


Barbarian, independent and superstitious.

Dol Blathanna

Mystical, cunning and distrustful.


Traditional, autocratic and rural.

Liria and Rivia

Proud, unbreakable and irrepressible.


Bohemian, marine and neutral.

Character classes and professions

There is no specific gameplay ‘system’ for each role type, and some characters may be a mix of two or more of these profiles. It simply serves to give you an idea of ​​what concepts may be covered in each kingdom.

Political representatives

Nobles, ministers, jarls…

Person at arms representatives

Commanders, spies, warriors…

Scholar Representatives

Musicians, academics, merchants…

Magical Representatives

Sorceresses, mages…

Spiritual Representatives

Priests, druids, cultists…


From different schools



Is this larp for me?

#DifficultChoices #Politics #PersonalRelationships #Secrets #Intrigues #Magic #Negotiations #TheLesserEvil #LowFantasy


If you want to participate in this larp, you should consider a few things about the game experience. It’s a larp about the social and political issues of The Witcher universe Negotiations, social interactions, intrigues, and some magic mysteries prevail. The witchers, although they are part of the story, are not the main characters. It is not a soft-combat, fighting-oriented, or monstering event. Game mechanics are light and immersion-oriented, based on fair play and the mutual trust that we play to tell a story together.

What can you expect

– A story about the central political and social issues of The Witcher universe.

– A choral story where there are no more important characters than others.

– A story in which you will have to make difficult decisions and the happy ending is not guaranteed.

– Light and organic game mechanics, based on fair-play.

– Play to lift, to flow, to lose and to drama.

– Intense personal relationships.

– Mystery plots and secrets generated by us that you can follow, although you also have the option to develop your own scenes.

– Some FX scenes

– Security mechanics, calibration and negotiation of complicated scenes.

– 100% immersive game (what you get is what you see) and where we will all be in character and in the game from the start of the event until it ends.

What not to expect

– A sandbox game.

– Soft-combat and monstering events (if there are any, it won’t be resolved with sword fighting).

– A story in which the witchers are the main characters.

– A story that has a happy ending or, at least, for everyone.

– A big bad villain that we all need to fight together. There won’t be a big bad villain.

– Complex rules’ system for magic, combat, and stealth.  Mechanics will be as organic as possible, where mutual trust is the number one rule.

– Play to win. Think that you can fulfill everything your character wants.

– A list of goals to “check” as done.

– Passively waiting for things to happen without your active participation.

– That you can solve everything without negotiating scenes or without using the safety and calibration mechanics.

– To be out of character and speak out of character at any time during the game (with the exception of off-game areas).

– Total transparency and full control of your character’s outcome. You will be able to negotiate some scenes and set your boundaries, but the game is based on secrecy, surprises and fate that you cannot overcome.

Read more

about the experience & what themes are included in the larp



  • Dates:
    • International run 3: February 16-19, 2024
    • International run 4: February 22-25, 2024
  • Standard ticket – 490,00 € – See the game guide for other tickets.
  • Place: Sellares Rural in Sallent, Barcelona.
  • Participant spots: 40.
  • Age to participate: Over 18 years old at the event’s start.


The registration process is done as follows:


  1. Fill in the signup form.
  2. We confirm that you have a spot or go on the waiting list.
  3. You pay within 72 hours (or send the receipt) in the larp manager.
  4. You are successfully registered!


Read more about the signup & casting process in the game guide


  • Pre-written character.
  • 50h of non-interrupted larp.
  • Three nights’ accommodation at a traditional 16th-century house with a heating system and hot runningwater.
  • 2-4 people rooms, with double or individual beds, including pillows, towels, and sheets.
  • Individual bathrooms are shared between 3 rooms each.
  • First night dinner (in-game).
  • Second and third day breakfast, lunch, and dinner (in-game).
  • Last day breakfast (off game).
  • Water, coffee, and tea will be available during the whole event for free, as well as milk and juice for breakfast and red wine during lunch and dinner.
  • 300ml in-game jar (you can take it home with you).
  • Necessary props or objects for your character are mentioned in the character sheet.
  • Event photographer and high-resolution pictures delivered after the event.
  •  Civil responsibility and accident insurance during the event.
  • Taxes included.


Efimeral Events takes into account every player’s accessibility. For that reason, we believe it is important to give all the needed information before deciding to attend.



The event will take place at Sellarés Rural, a beautiful 16th century house surrounded by natural areas, greatly preserved and decorated to ensure a good immersion. On the other side, the resting areas have all the necessary amenities. The rooms are for 2-4 people, have comfortable beds, heating system and hot running water.


The historical average temperature on the weekend of the event in the area is between 5oC and 15oC.

Keep in mind it’s an area in the mountains; at night it gets colder and misty. Fog and frost can also be expected in the morning. There could be light rain (but it’s unusual).

The house has a heating system and the stone walls insulate from the cold (we have verified it), but even so,
choose your wardrobe according to these forecasts. Wool will be your ally.


Keep in mind this is an old medieval house, which isn’t adapted properly for wheelchairs or certain mobility issues.

There are in-game areas that are only accessible by stairs. There aren’t lifts, elevators or ramps. Moreover, several rooms are located on the first, second and third floor, so it is necessary to use the stairs to access them. There are a few rooms at ground level. Not all grounds and floors are well levelled as they are made of gravel, stone, wood…

For immersion’s sake, during night time the modern electric lights will be forbidden. It will only be permitted to use LED lights in an adapted form (lanterns, candles, etc.).

Due to high wildfire risk all over Spain, real fire in any form is forbidden. Please understand we need to use ambience led lights.

If you have any doubt, contact us at before joining and we will gladly help.




Coordination, logistics and larp design


Coordination, larp design and writing


Coordination, larp desing and writing


Space & props design


Graphic design


Logistics and commercial support

And our amazing collaborators

Without you this wouldn’t be possible. Thank you very much!


You can follow all the information and news on our social media and Discord server.

You can also contact us through the following form. We will resolve any questions by email.

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